3rd Annual General Meeting of the Rural Electrification Fund

Energy and Power Development Minister, Hon Edgar Moyo has made a public appearance at the 3rd Annual General Meeting of the Rural Electrification Fund in Harare urging the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) to remit the six percent levy in full to REF.

Meeting REF Board members, the executive, management, and some senior staff members for the first time since he was appointed minister, Hon Moyo said that ZETDC must remit the six percent levy in full to REF to allow the Fund to meet its mandatory obligation of providing access to energy to people who live in the rural areas of Zimbabwe.

“I am reliably informed that ZETDC collects the 6 percent levy on behalf of REF and the collected money is not remitted to REF in full, thereby affecting the rural electrification program. As the Minister of Energy and Power Development, let me encourage ZETDC to remit full amount of levy collected to REF” he said.

Hon Moyo said that REF has made tremendous progress in project implementation in rural Zimbabwe to transform the lives of formally marginalized villagers. He said that he was happy to learn that  10 246 public institutions, that include 2 950 primary schools, 1 465 secondary schools, 946 rural health centres, 432 government extension offices, 278 chief’s homesteads, 1 127 business centres 840 small scale farms, 1 277 villages, and 932 other related institutions have been electrified to date.

However, the minister expressed disappointment over the collapse of backbone infrastructure which had affected the already electrified areas and those set to benefit. He also urged ZETDC to repair all nonfunctional lines for the good of the rural communities.

“While the rural electrification program has become a game changer in the formally marginalized rural communities of Zimbabwe, it is sad, ladies and gentlemen to note that scores of other beneficiaries are not enjoying electricity, yet their projects were electrified long back just because of the backbone infrastructure had since collapsed with no sign of repair works taking place,” added the minister.

Turning to the AGM, Hon Moyo whose speech was punctuated with jokes and caricature said that the AGM which brought together big brains from government, industry, commerce, and will no doubt, help in imparting some strategical skills and knowhow on energy provision and sourcing for funding outside the traditional facilities.