Minister Soda commissions electricity in Mola.

The Rural Electrification Fund has electrified the Mola community in the south of Kariba dam at its central hub that houses the sub offices of the Nyaminyami Rural District and the business centre.

In addition to the council offices and the and the business centre, REF also extended the grid network to Chief Mola’s homestead, ARDAS-AGRITEX offices, the rural health centre and both Mola primary and secondary schools,

Officially commissioning electricity at Mola High school recently, Energy and Power Development Minister, Hon Zhemu Soda paid tribute to REF staff and management for efficient workmanship, dedication to duty and professionalism.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank REF workforce for a job well done in this remote community of Mola,” he said.

The minister made the remark after he was told the difficult work experienced by line construction workers who had to endure tiresome work of digging holes, cutting down huge trees for way leave clearance and carrying heavy electricity transmission poles in the mountainous and rough terrain area infested with dangerous animals.

“I heard that workers were subjected to harsh conditions and exposed to dangerous animals during the construction of this line but I am happy with the way they executed their duty,” said the minister.

While praising REF for a job well done, Hon Soda said that the rural electrification program was in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra of leaving no place and no one behind in developmental initiatives.

“The coming of electricity in this community will stimulate other development initiatives which were not possible before,” said the minister.

He said his ministry will continue supporting REF to ensure that its target of providing access to energy to rural Zimbabwe by 2030 is realized.