Dear Editor


The School Development Committee, teachers, pupils and the Mukanda community are excited because their dream has come true. Our aspirations and desires have been fulfilled by your kindness .You listened to our plight and surely you threw a life line to our disadvantaged school.

We assure you that we will put electricity to good use. In the past we lagged behind in the use of electricity but now we are beginning to enjoy the advantages of electricity just like our sister schools which were electrified ahead of us.

On behalf of the school, I want to wish your Agency the best in its endeavors to light up all the rural areas of Zimbabwe. We will never forget your wonderful contribution to the development of our school.

May God bless REF and staff members who demonstrated excellent workmanship.

Thank you once again

Yours faithfully E.Zengeni (Head) Pp the SDC of Old Murapa Primary 0774303167

Dear Editor

Editor, allow me to take this opportunity to thank REF for its efforts in electrifying the rural areas of Zimbabwe where I live. I was happy to learn that you electrified a community in Mudzi district under a new technology you call the Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) project. This is commendable. 

However I would like to think that this technology is not viable to villagers intending to engage in big businesses because right now our stoves and radios are having problems. Sometimes the stoves are not hot enough and lights dim when we switch on. What will then happen to big machines such as those for welding?

We need industrial development in our provinces.  Please help. Concerned villager Mudzi

Dear Editor

Thank you for electrifying my school

I want to express my pleasure for the great job you are doing to light up our rural communities and institutions in Zimbabwe. My rural school which never saw light since independence is now electrified. Mwacheta School in Chipinge district was connected immediately after last year’s agricultural show.

Itai Dhliwayo

Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services. Chipinge